How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes

Without our realize, we often receive information from an article. In fact, we become mesmerized by the author. Although we all know to start writing is the most difficult to handle. Many reasons that appear when you start to write. Starting from the lack of motivation or desire, lack of ideas or time, until you afraid to be assessed as a writer or writers amateur class. Do you know, that you can write an article in 20 minutes, using 400-500 words. So start from this moment to make yourself meaningful to other people through the articles that you have created.

Start with the most basic things, take a pen and paper. Choose the enjoy full place that you’ll use to write your articles. Start with a warm-up writing. Sit comfortably and begin to write the ideas and concepts that you’ll use. It will help you to drain another idea and develop it into one whole concept. After all decanted, start writing your check back. Add the things that need to be added, and lose the rest. Finally, give the best touch you to give an impression on the reader. It only took 5-7 minutes for each section, and all that could be resolved within 20 minutes.

Remember you have not finished writing up there. Because the ideas will keep coming with or without you realizing it. Do not separate too far with your pen and paper. Because the two small objects that will greatly assist you in collect the ideas that emerged. And develop them into a whole article. Maybe use a trick deadlines can also help, so you do not finish an article too long.

That’s what We have to do to make a good article. Remember not to inform too much too soon, do it step by step. Use careful judgment when deciding how much information to share with someone else. The fact is that writing is easy, but coming up with the ideas is the though part.


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