How to Make Delicious Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is the perfect cake-deeply spiced full of fruit. You can enjoy it with a cup of tea. It would be very delicious if it served as a meal when you gather with your family.

Planning a Head
Prepare the ingredients
200gr wheat flavor 250gr butter 100gr kismis and sukade
250gr smooth sugar 6 grain of eggs a few vanily and baking powder

1 plastic bowl 1 oven 1 brass
1 spooted 1 paper cake 1 mixer

The flavor
You can choose from assortment of modern flavor, usually we called “donan”, but remember that modern flavor is not always good for us. If you want to take the simple one, choose “Angsa Kembar”, but in this case you will need a quarter tea spoon of baking powder. And stir it with vanily also, until swell.
The fruit
What kinds of fruits? The choices are in your hands! You can get the most favorite dry fruit that your family like it so much, like kismis and sukade.
The eggs
Sometimes extra flavor is added to balance out a liquid redient, but in this case you can deceive with the eggs. How can it happen? Choose the smallest eggs as you could. Take six eggs, then two of six eggs, take the yoke only.

The brass
How to avoid the cake shoal? Shape the paper cake like the base of the brass. Selves the brass with butter and then sow flavor. Do the same way with the paper cake. The next, put the paper cake n the base of the brass.

To Make It!
1.Put the smooth sugar and butter in plastic bowl with mixer, and stir it until the color change into the white.
2.Put the eggs one by one into this mixture, shake it again for about four minutes with mixer.
3.Put the flavor and stir it, but remember don’t use mixer but use spooted because if you use mixer your dough will have undelicious result.
4. Put in the kismis and sukade, stir with spooted.
5.Put the dough to the brass.
6.Oven it with 180 degrees celcius for about 45 minutes.
7.After it done, lift up from the oven and leak the cake.
8.Slice the cake about two centimeters.
9.And the last serve with a cup of the.


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