Lesson Plan_Listening


The Lesson Plan



Subject Matter : Listening

Topic : Social Interaction

School Level : Xth grade of Vocational High School

Time Allocated : 2 X 45 minutes

Learning Indicators : a. Students are able to greet someone.

b. Students are able to introduce yourself and other person.

c. Students are able to thanking and apologizing.

d. Students can use kinds of personal pronouns.

Teaching Materials : Handout and Worksheet

Teaching Media : VCD, LCD, speaker, handout, worksheet.





Teaching – Learning Steps
Teacher Students
Greets Respond
Questions about things related to interaction(greeting, introduce, thanking, apologizing) Answer about things related to interaction.
Switchs on LCD and play VCD about “Interactions” Get prepare to pay attention.
Asks the students for listen to the video in accurately.


Listen to the video in accurately.
Explains about the material, and describe personal pronouns.


Pay attention to the explanations.
gives assignment and ask the students to do it by individual Had been finished their assignment by individual
Discuss the assignment Discuss the assignment


















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